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This means that the stores will still exist, with a stress on stores in shopping malls. However, stores in shopping centres are going to be more like customer experience centres. With e-commerce offering deep discounts, deals and incentives, transactions are going to be majorly done on online stores. Designers will got to deal with this paradigm shift and see how the functioning cost are often minimised. With this upfront the industry shouldn’t be surprised to witness more of high-street models wherein designers hamper the investments by reducing ‘Engineering Loads’. the thought of air-conditioned atriums may cease, and open courtyards would replace them soon. Despite the Retailpocalypse, designers will push hard for design flavours which can push offline sales also as online sales.

Sensory experiences are going to be key. they’re going to be the most important difference between online shopping and offline shopping. With increase in digitisation, haptic experiences will gain high importance, with the shop space becoming an area to experience products using all our senses, and in fact , with the assistance of multi-sensory technology.

For Millennials today, shopping is an act of fun, a recreational activity during which the transaction has become completely secondary. So, with the new generation distinguishing sharply between shopping and buying, what is going to bring back a customer to the store? it’s satisfaction, customer experience. this is often where shop-fitters. they need to help to make sure that customers who step into the shop spend longer for the experience, through a ‘different’ space arrangement, enhanced product presentation, personalised customer care and ultimately be more loyal to the retailer. the essential shopping concept shall not change such a lot . However, the presentation at the point-ofsale and therefore the involvement of the customer in it’ll . Retailers will need to offer customers more incentives to go to a store and stay there longer.

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